More Than Just Once...

Anna Domino - This Time [TWI 777-2 NLD 1987 FLAC]

Here is Anna's This Time album released on Les Disques Du Crépuscule in 1987 and features her with a full band. I have this on vinyl, this CD version and the expanded LTM reissue, however settled on the original CD for a post.

This is a highly accomplished album which established Anna's place in our hearts as the thinking man's Suzanne Vega!

01 Own Kind
02 Just Once
03 Time For Us
04 Change To Come
05 This Time
06 Tempting
07 She Walked
08 Rain
09 Come To Harm
10 Lake



  2. The "thinking man's Suzanne Vega"? Surely, you jest. That must mean Suzanne Vega is the thinking man's every other female singer-songwriter?


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