West Meets East

Anna Domino - East West [HYCA-3036 JPN 2013 FLAC]

Another of my purchases on a trip to Japan. Originally released as a vinyl album on Les Disques Du Crépuscule (TWI 187), here is the Japanese remaster of Anna's sultry debut album recorded with help from Luc Van Acker, Virginia Astley and Blaine L. Reininger. This version also includes a live set recorded in Tokyo in January 1987 and comes in a mini-LP replica sleeve.

01 With The Day Comes The Dawn
02 Land Of My Dreams
03 Review
04 Everyday, I Don't
05 Trust, In Love
06 Repeating
07 'Rythm'
08 My Man
09 Take That
10 Change
11 Just Too Much
12 She Walked
13 Caught


  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/fghtnke83bwo1md/anna_dom_eastwest.rar/file

  2. Beautiful article, very jealous


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