Black Schlager

Black Midi ‎- Schlagenheim [RT 0073CD UK 2019 FLAC]

Back in January, a video appeared of four British kids positioned in a homely Icelandic hostel, stepping loosely and methodically through a handful of songs that now appear on their debut album, Schlagenheim. Two things are immediately apparent while watching - everyone in Black Midi looks approximately 8 years old and their drummer is an absolute legend. The performance is hypnotic, hair-raising, maybe a little irritating, and definitely out of time - a bunch of schoolboys producing something so staunchly learned, free-form, and anti-pop in an age when pop reigns supreme. 

From probably the most important British band since Oceansize is that video

01 953
02 Speedway
03 Reggae
04 Near DT, MI
05 Western
06 Of Schlagenheim
08 Years Ago
09 Ducter



  2. How the fuck have these people just passed me by before now. Utterly brilliant ... I'm in love!

  3. Not fully sold yet on their music, but the performances are an absolute pleasure to watch. Here's "bmbmbm" at the Mercury Prize:

    And the same song (with a cheeky quote of "Champagne Supernova") at a Pitchfork fest:

    What a magnificent drummer.

  4. I hear every thing from Slint, Beefhart, Polvo, obscure Ron Johnson bands and No Wave tossed into a blender and pureed. These guys are incredible.


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