23 Skidoo - 23 Skidoo [CDV 2912 UK 2000 FLAC]

....getting the boys back together.

There was sixteen years between Urban Gamelan and 23 Skidoo's final proper album, self-titled as just 23 Skidoo. These four urban industrial experimentalists had moved on from gamelan soundscapes and the driving hard-funk of the Coup and Language singles, then skipped through a messy dabble with hip-hop ...older and wiser they blended urban new jazz, rap and dark street beats into one hell of a powerful album with help from Roots Manuva and Pharoah Sanders. The world had moved on from 1984 and people were now buying Massive Attack  and Portishead records. This is likely the most over-looked album of it's genre....maybe that is what makes 23 Skidoo so special.

01 Freeze Frame
02 Dirty Lo
03 Interzonal
04 Kendang
05 Catch 23
06 Crossfire
07 Where You At
08 Atmosfear
09 Dawning
10 Meltdown
11 Dusk To Dawn
12 Ayu


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