This Is The Pops

Poptone - Poptone [2018 FLAC]

As others continue to lose the plot (Mr. Murphy!), messrs Ash and Haskins form and perform as a credible note for note covers band. Bauhaus reformed to cash in on a brief tour in late 2019 after Pete Murphy recovered from a heart attack. However I fear all is still not well ....thankfully we still have the Pops.

From a live radio session originally broadcast on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles.

1 Heartbreak Hotel
2 Ok This Is The Pops
3 Mirror People
4 Movement Of Fear
5 Happiness
6 No Big Deal
7 Lions
8 Love Me
9 Performance
10 Christian Says
11 Ball Of Confusion
12 Go!
13 Slice Of Life



  2. Thanks for the share, I knew nothing about this or about Haskins' daughter. I warmed-up to it after trying not to compare the material to the originals -- the ones I know, anyway. It's pretty good for being a onetime performance.


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